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Recorded in October, 2012.


released January 25, 2013

Ben Arsenault-vocals, electric guitar, harmonica, acoustic guitar track 5
Emile Scott- vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, electric guitar track 5
Michael Wagler- acoustic bass
Emlyn Scherk- drums

Aiden Brant-Briscall- fiddle on track 6

Songs 1,4, and 5 Written by Ben Arsenault
Songs 2 and 3 written by Emile Scott
Song 6 written by Ben Arsenault and Emile Scott
All songs arranged by Real Ponchos

Mastered by Dan Weston (

Cover Photo by Tayu Hayward (

Thanks to our amazing friends and family for their support and the energy they bring to our shows.


all rights reserved



Real Ponchos Vancouver, British Columbia

"...firing up that special sauciness..."

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Track Name: Can't Win 'em All
I want you baby but it brings you pain
Oh I know it isn't easy
I want your touch and how you make me feel
Oh I know it isn't easy

Black river rolls over smooth slick rocks
I'm sittin' by the fire drinkin' whiskey with my thoughts
And if you walked in I wouldn't have to pretend

Tired of trying but I haven't had enough
I know the joke has just begun
There're things I gotta do even if there's nothing to prove
And I know for you it isn't fun

Thick fog covers up high tree tops
Blowin smoke thinking bout what i got
And if you were here
This would all disappear

Can't win em all but you can set yourself up to fall
Into the bed you've made
Stumbling around left the valley of wasteland
And I still don't understand

Waves captured little stones
Carry them off the beach let them sink alone
Toss and turn
Roll along
Track Name: Wicked Heart
You got a wicked heart
Covered in pink insulation
You got nowhere to be in the sunshine
Baby be patient

You had a shaky start
And you got brave intonations
It's a canon ball baby
You been taken

It's a company my love
It's up to me my love
Maybe what you can't think of

It's a dead sea my love
It's a company my love
It's up to me my love
Track Name: White Ocean
Here comes the white ocean
Here comes the white sea
On a fine whisper over
Careless and free

When I came to here
See the women all were smiling wide
And the pianos swept across the tide

Here comes the white ocean
Movin fast shifting me

Never worry though my darlin'
It's just a spiral just a song
I've been singing to no one
For just about as long

I remember the feeling
And the sadness in my heart
And it took away my structure
Thrashed me apart

Here comes the white ocean
Track Name: Downcountry
Lone mans across the borderline
Wrongs he's done will surely eat him alive
But on everything you can cast your doubts

Sailing ships on the ocean blue
Sail the distance between me and you
Now you know that your life's just a length of time

Blank faces through the same old day
You know I'll know you when you see me again
People cross me and they get out of the way

Plough a field down a one way street
Snowball in the desert heat
I got fingers where my eyes should be

Down country
Down country
High country
Down country

Palm trees and a rusty mirror
Buzzards floating on the tropical air
Dogs howlin' as the full moon stares

Things are real when they become clear to you
Things are real when they disappear from view
Before you can even make a move

Down country
Down country
High country
Down country
Track Name: Wake Up and Climb Out
Wake up and climb out
You stand in front of the wall
Lookin at the map you put up
Wanderin in the fall
Sheltered coves and harbours
Shallow water to forgiving shores
Something will come up
Towards shadows you crawl

I remember when I first met you
We walked up the hill in the rain
I didn't think I had a chance
To you it was all the same
In time we were forsaken
By freedom by hope and fear
I don't know all that I've learned
But I'm thankful for these tears

It wasn't just a dream
Illusion is reality
And one thing bleeds into the next
As you remember and forget
There's only so much you can do
There's so little to say
Especially for us
But we don't need to go through that again
Track Name: Prairie Smiles
I'm too high to walk the streets
Of this dying town
If I can't find you here
And pretty baby you know
Just how to bring me down
Every time you crawl into my head

Down here they got these
Christmas lights on their lawns
But it's nearly march
Down the road they got those
Valentines hearts
Laughing at me as I go

Well girl you can't call me now
Cause I left on that greyhound
Pretty baby pick me up downtown
I though you said you'd be
Said you'd be true to me
Now I'm wasted here
Your voice is in my ear
These prairie smiles are runnin' me dry
And I missed my last trip the station
The man told me I was flirtin' temptation on my own

I'm too drunk to call your number on the phone
Even if you ask me to
But I'll write you some sad and lonesome tune
That I'll never play for you

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